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MEGA: Festivity Is Everywhere For This Year’s ArteFino Festival

MEGA: Festivity Is Everywhere For This Year’s ArteFino Festival

Launched in 2017, ArteFino inspires people to live an elevated yet responsible lifestyle. Where craft, culture, and conscious living is celebrated in an inclusive platform and a community of local brands who share the same value join together to bring forth their artistry. And after two years of persevering and navigating through the new normal, ArteFino reunited the community in a manner of celebration. 

Decorated in festivity, ArteFino has brought together more than 150 brands for their five week long celebration. It is the perfect reunion for the community as they continue to give a creative space for local labels and designers to showcase their craftsmanship. 

The youthful energy and lively atmosphere of the festival perfectly captures their celebration with new local labels and designers. Each week, ArteFino will introduce a new roster of labels that stretch across fashion, accessories, fine jewelry, home, and children’s wear—an eventful celebration you must explore every week.

Hand picked by the team behind ArteFino, 44 new designers and brands joined this year’s festival as they advocate for sustainable living and responsible retailing. Alongside the labels, interactive activities such as pocket workshops and events that will awaken your five senses awaits you at the festival.

Starting on August 25, the ground floor of Powerplant Mall will be filled with vibrant decorations and a diverse range of brands and products ready for you to explore.

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