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MANTLE: Conscious Living is at the Core of this Year’s Revamped ArteFino Festival

MANTLE: Conscious Living is at the Core of this Year’s Revamped ArteFino Festival


With more than 150 brands celebrating culture, craft, community, and a conscious lifestyle, ArteFino makes a triumphant return to (physical) form.

The past two years have underscored the missions that ArteFino has established for itself back in 2017: to inspire an elevated yet responsible lifestyle; to gather like-minded brands, artisans, and consumers; and to honor craft, culture, and conscious living—all for a more mindful life and greener planet. 

This year, the celebrated trade fair returns triumphantly at the Power Plant Mall. From August 25 to September 28, 2022, ArteFino will showcase over 150 local brands, 44 of which are joining for the first time. Each week will introduce a new roster of labels across fashion, accessories, fine jewelry, home, and children’s wear.

A special section that is also making a much-anticipated return is The Barracks, a space for men’s lifestyle selections. Style savant, heritage fan maker, and advisor Monchet Olives takes pride in this year’s lineup, which follows the theme “Easy Living.” 

Expect a combination of established and emerging brands such as Pinagtagpi, Kelvin Morales, Lakat, and more—all presenting their interpretation of casual and contemporary style for everyday Filipino dressing.

Commerce, Culture, and Community

The ladies behind ArteFino, Susie Quiros, Marimel Francisco, Mita Rufino, Maritess Pineda, and Cedie Lopez-Vargas, look forward to five weeks’ worth of reconnections, cultural exchange, creative engagement, and responsible shopping. 

“Since we launched in 2017, ArteFino has taken on a life of its own. We’ve worked with many emerging brands and designers, all of whom have grown with us. We’ve followed their journeys and evolved with them. [Still,] we are constantly on the lookout for new talents to showcase,” the founders note.

“Almost 40% of our vendors this year are new. It speaks of the emergence of social enterprises and a deeper understanding of what sustainable living is all about. This year’s roster will show the many layers of responsible retailing, [which] include going hyperlocal and employing fair trade practices,” adds Francisco. 

In selecting the labels for this year’s fair, the founders took note of brand narratives, purpose, and links to the community. “We want our vendors to succeed and be prepared for a global market. This is why apart from the product, we also look into their purpose [and] vision,” elaborates Lopez-Vargas. 

Renew, Repurpose, Recycle

ArteFino also takes pride in interactive programs that will amplify the call for upcycling and sustainability. Last July 9, they opened a call to engage creators—vendors and non-vendors alike—and provide them a platform to showcase innovative ways of repurposing everyday materials otherwise discarded. The show and awarding for the fair’s first-ever #UpcyclingDesignChallenge will be held this September.

Other festival highlights that will connect creators and consumers include “Eats by Artefino,” a collaborative effort with The Seven Pantry which will feature the country’s best flavors. A dedicated soundtrack curated by Tarsier Records will bring a piece of the ArteFino festival to everyone’s personal playlist. More activities will be unveiled in the coming days. 

“As in the past, we always aim to bring something new. This being that year that we step out again, we hope to create an experience where everyone can immerse with the community,” the founders conclude. 

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