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THE MANILA TIMES: ArteFino Festival 2022 gathers new brands, designers

THE MANILA TIMES: ArteFino Festival 2022 gathers new brands, designers

AS a launch pad and incubator for the country's bright, young talents and social entrepreneurs, this year's fresh roster of labels bring to the fore new ideas for creating, designing, producing, and consuming fashion.

These bright young talents take Artefino's battle cry to "renew, recycle and reuse" and interpret the call in their own unique ways.

Aire is a menswear label from Creative Definitions' growing umbrella of mindful, proudly Filipino lifestyle brands. It is a brand borne out of a desire to fill the gap in Philippine fashion for timeless, elegant garments made especially for the modern-day gentleman.

Utilizing handwoven pina cotton fabrics, pieces from Aire style staples that anchor a sustainable, well-rounded wardrobe for the quintessential man on a mission.

Bagoyan celebrates Kalinga culture and tradition through treasured weaves of the region. The brand, founded by Kalinga-based designer Bagoyan, integrates the colors and patterns of the north onto contemporary classics.

The designers and brands include Camille Villanueva, Christian Cera, Edited Limited, Style Ana, Kelvin Morales, Jill Lao, Katha Pilipinas (with curated product offering

from AMV Artworks, Juan Ekis, Pinky Lizares, Eda Bcd, Astro Pringles, Jonathan Guillermo and Happy Andrada), The Shape Shop, Nuevo Ystilo, Pinagtagpi, Pinas Sadya and Vina Romero.

Follow Artefino Festival on Instagram @artefinoph for more information and updates.

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