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MEGA: A Vibrant Variety Showcased In ArteFino’s Fifth Week

MEGA: A Vibrant Variety Showcased In ArteFino’s Fifth Week

Since ArteFino’s launch in 2017, their vision to launch countless local brands has been unwavering. Designs that range from fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle— ArteFino helped several labels become one of the known house names in the country. 

And as they start their fifth week, labels that started their humble beginnings with ArteFino come back with their new collections and a round of new designers showcase their upcycled works.

Signature pieces of the pioneer vendors fill the fairgrounds of ArteFino with their new creations designed with Filipino craftsmanship merged with sustainability. 

Alongside the pioneer vendors of ArteFino, an unveiling of upcycled designs made by new designers are also showcased for the final week of the festival. An event that allows the participants to create, to innovate, and to reinforce the artistry of the Philippines.

In true ArteFino spirit, the festival is a celebration of a movement that fortifies the creativity and innovative artistry of the Philippines.

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