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BEINGMAG: ArteFino Celebrates Filipino Craftsmanship Through New Digital Global Platform

BEINGMAG: ArteFino Celebrates Filipino Craftsmanship Through New Digital Global Platform

ArteFino, the annual artisanal fair, boldly returns amidst the pandemic. From the sprawling “The Fifth” at Rockwell, the event takes  on its commitment to supporting local artisans with a shift to on-line with The new shopping experience allows  buyers from anywhere around the globe to access these thoughtfully chosen pieces anytime. It is a one-stop shop for Filipino  craftmanship, 24/7 that will continuously be refreshed. 

Since lockdown measures were put in place, every facet of sales– like fashion and retail, plummeted. It took longer for retail to re-think its strategy as malls, and their tenants closed. For artisan fairs like ArteFino, it was even more difficult, as entire communities were cut off from access to selling goods, with flights and deliveries curtailed. 

“Like they say, the show must go on,” says Maritess  Pineda, one of the founders of ArteFino. “We will never waiver from our commitment to the Filipino spirit, with products that capture the soul of the makers, and now, with e-commerce and sophisticated delivery systems, we bring their works not  only around the country, but around the world.” 

“With no way to sell their wares, entire communities did not have enough resources to manufacture. This put many craftsmen in dire straits, so we needed to pivot our way of thinking to help them,” notes Mita Rufino, Artefino co- founder. 
At ArteFino, August was the time of year where we gathered the country’s best of the best. It is a behemoth of a fair with over 100  participants, with crowds numbering to 4,000 at peak days. The issue that faced the organizers is what was needed to be done to  continue to support the local communities that had no income stream as fashion and retail came to a halt, and food delivery became the new normal for our customer. 
“I may not have been able to see friends during the year, but for sure, I would bump into you at ArteFino,” chimes annual fair goer Mia Pascual-Cenzon. 

The ArteFino thought leaders took this challenge and had series of meetings with their brand partners, finding ways to help them,  and their workers. Together, the group put through the biggest shifts in this annual event, whom many consider Manila’s toast of  the town.
Visit the website to find more proudly Filipino-made pieces from clothing and accessories to home and living as well as protective wear. SHOPARTEFINO.COM goes live today, October 15, 2020!
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