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Ilaw at Pag-Asa: Shining A Light of Hope 
an e-commerce fundraiser to support
the Philippine General Hospital and our local communities

ArteFino has committed to donating two (2) UV sterilizers worth Php 50,000.00 each to the Philippine General Hospital.
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Manila, Philippines, June 15, 2020 

The heart and soul of ArteFino is our commitment to our local Filipino community. We conceptualised ArteFino to be a responsible business endeavor, being not only a platform for Filipinos to showcase their quality products, but also as a movement that is all about supporting the Filipino. We believe that it is our duty and responsibility, (not just as individuals, but as a community, united) --to be there for one another during this difficult period.

We wanted to find a way to help support the whole nation in any way we can, and to help bolster and assist our communities.  We have seen and have been greatly inspired by the countless individuals and corporations that have stepped up and sacrificed their bottom line, to carry out the greater good. Inspired by them, we felt the need to do our part.

As none of us have ever experienced this before, we were left to think of ways of how we can, with our platform, assist our artisanal communities with a direct response initiative to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you know, the PGH was proclaimed a COVID-19 hospital. By donating essential tools such as the UV Sterilizers, we are able to give those in the hospitals - from patients to front liners - an added layer of protection.
In this light, we invite you to support “Ilaw at Pag-Asa", and join us as we shine a light of hope during these moments of need.  

Every purchase from this website will help us reach our goals - of helping our brand partners support their local communities affected by this crisis, and of raising funds to buy more UV sterilizers for the Philippine General Hospital.

In the spirit of community, this campaign is a collaborative effort between ArteFino and their Brand Partners, seizing this opportunity to launch a meaningful project together.  We hope this effort can more than just help raise funds to meet our goals to purchase additional UV Sterilizers for PGH, but also to raise awareness toward the plight our local communities have had to bear.

Marimel Francisco, ArteFino co-founder reiterates,It has taken this pandemic to further highlight in absolute terms the importance of supporting local all the way… from the clothes that you wear, to the throw pillows and blankets that you use, to the furniture that you buy.  In ArteFino, we like to say that we are LOCO for LOCAL. This is the crucial time to support our very own."

Susie Quiros, ArteFino co-founder adds, “Encouraging and promoting each other helps to reboot our local economy, so let’s help keep this bayanihan spirit alive. In doing so, you will also be able to help the PGH, because their current UV Sterilizers take 3 hours to sterilise just one room.  With these machines we are donating, it takes just 30 minutes.  That helps the hospital in terms of efficiency and safety.”

Let us support each other in aiding our COMMUNITY and our NATION especially during this time, because together we can sow the seeds of hope, shining a light on these moments of need.



OUR PROMISE A consolidated report on participating brands with their total amount raised, and donation sent to the PGH will be published on our website at the end of the project.